Mark Corwin Alphabet of Literature Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information

Stripe will collect the following personal information for the purpose of purchasing services from the Alphabet of Literature website: name of credit card; name on credit card; first and last name; street address; city, state, zip code; mobile number; email address.

Third Party Information

Personal information collected by Stripe for purchasing services from Alphabet of Literature will not be sold, transferred, or traded to any other third party beyond the provided service to process payments for purchases.

Other Uses of Information

Alphabet of Literature uses your email address for various, beneficial services. Included in these services are maintaining current services and updating you about changes to services. Alphabet of Literature wants to know about ways to improve the services provided and resolve any technical problems that may occur for paid users of the Alphabet of Literature website.

Legal Information

Alphabet of Literature may disclose your email information in the event it is necessary to comply with a legal obligation. In addition, Alphabet of Literature will disclose your email address to legal authorities in order to protect the intellectual and tangible property of both the Alphabet of Literature website and Alphabet of Literature paid users.

Alphabet of Literature uses cookies to help remember your language preferences, login details, and any changes you make to your account. Cookies are also used to identify the number of customers and visitors to this website. At no time are the names of individual users identified.